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Working Condition Problems in Amazon Company

Acquaintance Even as organizations endeavor with change the working states of their representatives to upgrade development and improve singular execution in the work environments, the issues of poor working conditions are still on predominance (Littler, 2013).Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Working Condition Problems in Amazon Company explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The enrollment forms, the strengthening plans, the advancement techniques, and other worker maintenance practices of some American organizations have confronted segregation charges. Shockingly, most of these organizations are uber businesses that show up in the Fortune 500 and other large distributions because of their upgraded corporate exhibitions (Abel, 2013). Instances of poor working conditions in some mega transnational organizations keep on pulling in legitimate, financial, social, and universal talks, which are discouraging the representatives and bosses (Higgins, 2014). With such charges are in a consistent increment, even as the presentation of these organizations upgrades. On a very basic level, this exposition utilizes the instance of Amazon Company to concentrate on dissecting the working condition issues featured in some online distributions, and utilizations the SWOT examination to talk about the issues. Review of the Articles Several online articles and papers have concentrated on the business gives that laborers involvement with Amazon. This examination includes five ongoing articles that have commanded the sites and uncovered the open uneasiness about the Amazon Company. The primary article originated from the Seattle Times Newspaper of America, and it uncovered the constrained work practices of the Amazon Company, in spite of its work policies.Advertising Looking for article on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The subsequent article was the Consumer Af fairs Magazine that investigated the disclosures of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) concerning the weather beaten physical working conditions at Amazon. The third article was a review from the AlterNet Newspaper, which uncovered the compulsory security checkpoints and the underpayments forced on the Amazon laborers. The fourth article was a BBC distribution that communicated worries about the probability of the Amazon laborers to confront emotional wellness issues. The last article is a distribution of the Westlaw Journal that portrayed an assortment of working environment issues at Amazon. The Identified Working Condition Problems Forced Labor Practices in the Amazon Company†The ongoing business fights in the Amazon Company partner with the illicit issues of constrained work rehearses in the organization (Bernton, 2014). Reports show that the Amazon Company has as of late depended on constrained work in its outlets that work in the Latin America areas. Despite its e ndeavors in building up an Amazon code of gauges, that incorporates guidelines against constrained work and kid work, the act of constrained work has been inescapable in the activities of the Amazon Company (Bernton, 2014). In the locales of Latin America, India, Asia, and most pieces of the United States, the Amazon Company has been rehearsing circuitous constrained work rehearses against its laborers. Modest specialists who work in the Amazon distribution centers have grumbled against the poor working conditions that incorporate abundance additional time, constrained extra time, exhausting employments, and constrained work during the off the clock days (Bernton, 2014). These humble specialists whine about working environment badgering, pressure, terrorizing, and exhausting assignments.Advertising We will compose a custom article test on Working Condition Problems in Amazon Company explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Underpayment in the Amazon Company-Aside from the constrained work and poor working conditions rehearsed by the administration of the Amazon Company in its various outlets, representatives grumble about low remunerations and wages. As indicated by Hsieh (2013), the organization the board believes the modest laborers to be ignorant people who don't have rights to get to better working conditions. A year ago, the organization confronted a horrendous test concerning the disgraceful remunerations offered to its laborers in Germany. More than 100,000 distribution center laborers from Germany and America have griped about constrained individual profitability, even as the organization keeps its laborers sitting tight for leeway at the security checkpoints without paying their every day compensation (Hsieh, 2013). In the locales of Asia, Latin America, and parts of Europe, the organization paid its laborers small compensations and compensation, and held the time-based compensations to cook for any claims of harms announced at the distr ibution centers (Hsieh, 2013). Pay slices and downgrades to diminish the pay bill are normal practices that Amazon untrustworthily rehearses. Disgraceful Workplace Conditions-Amazon has as of late confronted charges concerning its conduct of presenting laborers to horrible working conditions inside the stockroom. The organization has left its laborers to battle inside the distribution centers that have poor working conditions, pitiable container game plans, and outrageous summer temperatures (Abel, 2013). In an ongoing 2013 case, analytical reports at Pennsylvania concerning the working conditions at the Amazon distribution centers uncovered that the organization regularly opens its workforce to outrageous working environment issues that incorporate introduction to extraordinary temperatures (Abel, 2013).Advertising Searching for article on business financial aspects? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More On account of Pennsylvania, the organization orchestrated various paramedics and ambulances outside its distribution centers and stores in anticipation of any instance of a got dried out or a harmed specialist. The International Labor Organization and free experts in China affirmed these claims through an evaluation of China throughout the late spring. In China, Abel uncovers that the Amazon Retail Online Company uncovered the Chinese distribution center laborers to outrageous stockroom temperatures that subsequently prompted wellbeing difficulties and passings to certain specialists (2013). Work environment Racial Discrimination-One of the most upsetting human asset practices of the Amazon Company is its ill-conceived conduct of rehearsing racial bias against the migrant laborers. As per Higgins (2014), remote ostracizes and humble workers of the Amazon Company have announced work environment issues concerning racial separation that is famous in the vast majority of its local and wo rldwide outlets. In the year 2012, a few outlets of the Amazon Company at Swansea and Wales disregarded the working environment guidelines of the nearby business councils that are against racial segregation (Higgins, 2014). In specific cases in America, remote laborers and different representatives from the minority ethnicities griped about the persevering separations at the Amazon stockrooms and workplaces. Concerning the holding up hours spent during the obligatory security checks forced on the modest stockroom laborers, the vast majority of them are the racial minorities who live in America (Higgins, 2014). In France, China, Latin America, and Spain, the Amazon laborers kept up that rank advancements, remunerations, strengthening, inspiration, and acknowledgment regularly favor the local whites. Sex and Disability Bias-Gender and incapacity predisposition are among the significant concerns identified with the working condition issues at Amazon (Higgins, 2014). Critical proof from the laborers has demonstrated the nearness of working environment sex separation at Amazon. In the year 2013, a few previous representatives asserted that the Amazon Company uncovered the female specialists to biased practices (Littler, 2013). Around the same time, some previous laborers of the Amazon Company bore witness to that the organization never perceived representatives with incapacity regardless of the way that a few inabilities were because of the dreadful working conditions at the distribution centers and stores. Reports have uncovered that the organization unreasonably excuses the female workers as a result of their family related issues (Littler, 2013). Female representatives who look for maternity leaves remain unreasonably excused and on wrong claims. As indicated by Higgins (2014), the handicapped specialists and those with minor physical medical issues neglect to make sure about employment positions at the organization or stay excused from the organization on wrong charges. SWOT Analysis of the Employment Problems Strengths-the quality of Amazon concerning the current charges about the despicable working conditions is its market predominance in the online retail locations. Amazon has a quick shipment process, a very much kept up compatibility with purchasers, and a dependable transportation process that makes it attractive paying little heed to the working condition issues. Weaknesses†the shortcoming of Amazon concerning the examined issues is that the organization has lost a few class claims, racial claims, human rights claims, and business claims from its previous and current laborers. Opportunities†Amazon has a few chances to counter the present business concerns. To further its potential benefit, the Amazon Company despite everything appreciates an astounding on the web retail involvement in its colleagues, which makes it workable for the organization to shape some firm joint dares to balance out its establishment. Threats†The most upsetting worry about the charges is that the Amazon Company is as of now confronting an intense provincial and abroad market rivalry from the organizations that offer alluring internet buying administrations. End Although the worldwide enactments concerning the advancement of reasonable working environment treatment among laborers are against separation, poor installments, poor physical working conditions, and constrained work, a few organizations are still against these laws. Amazon is one of the American transnational organizations that have advanced the inconsistent treatment of laborers and

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Operation Strategy(Dell, Amazon.Com & Ibm) Essay

Question: Discuss tasks methodologies of three organizations. Answer: Operational Strategy: Presentation: has become the biggest client benevolent online retailer and gives a single tick buy office to its wide scope of items including books, music, toys, blessings, hardware and so forth. For 2011 Amazon’s net deals recorded the estimation of $48077 million to win total compensation of $631 million (Annual Report, 2011). At present, Amazon is serving in excess of 137 million of its clients with its 56200 representatives everywhere throughout the world. In addition, International traffic additionally positions Amazon at sixteenth position. In any case, Amazon accomplished this achievement through sending its three crease technique of boundless stock, client comfort and low cost. The reason for current investigation is likewise to investigate that how Amazon accomplished its target by utilizing its advanced channel. 1. Mass Customization: Primary contrast between a physical retailer and Amazon is its online activities that permit Amazon to receive mass customization. gives a chance to offer gigantic assortment of books, music or different items without keeping them truly on rack. A huge number of books are accessible at Amazon for buy while an enormous physical store is required to keep such tremendous stock. In 1999 Amazon reliably included new product offering or abilities after like clockwork to build its deal income. Right now, its item range can be partitioned into 34 general classes. Such item customization separates Amazon with its rivals. It is contended that item customization is a basic wellspring of upper hand even when contrasted with value intensity as it permits clients to choose items as per their requirements and needs at one spot. Along these lines, one can credit such mass customization to the achievement of 1.1 Amazon Operating Models: However, to give such mass customization Amazon follows its threeâ operating models. To start with, it sells its own inventories and oversees client connection and flexibly chain all alone through Second, Amazon additionally go about as third individual and permit different organizations to put their items at available to be purchased. Be that as it may, Amazon just oversees front end client relations while strategic issues are constrained by dealers. In 1999 Amazon offered Z shop office that permits little organizations to sell their item through His technique was to rival e-sound who was additionally offering comparative types of assistance of closeout. Finally Amazon has additionally presented its online business arrangements and configuration sites and offer facilitating administrations to its clients. At the end of the day t hese three working models give gigantic assortment of items that is reliable to its business technique boundless stock. 2. Incorporated Business Operations: Success of Amazon procedures lay inside its coordinated business tasks. Figure 1 delineates that how Amazon satisfy its clients request through incorporating its activities. server utilizes the gracefully anchor streamlining programming to foresee request and furthermore upgrade its flexibly chain. In initial step customers’ information for charge card is handled to settle their requests. Amazon stockroom is additionally data about client request in this regard for coordination. This is done to discover stock data at Amazon distribution center. Be that as it may, if there should be an occurrence of deficiency at Amazon distribution center proper providers are chosen. This data is moved to distributers, music organizations and electronic OEM for additional procedure. In the wake of accepting request data distributers, music organizations and electronic OEM dispatch required items truly to the closest Amazon stockroom. At Amazon di stribution center these things are pressed and furthermore send to client place through UPS or US postal administrations. Along these lines Amazon create coordinated business tasks that share data over its system for adequacy. Figure 1: Amazon Network of Fulfillment Amazon incorporated framework accelerates the procedure and clients can get their item at same or following day. This will decidedly add to customer’s devotion. In addition, Amazon additionally rolled out expected improvements to its satisfaction framework when required particularly for gigantic request achievements. For example Amazon got record advance request of 275000 for single volume of Harry Porter. This tested data staff at Amazon. During such event Amazon sent to its clients for affirmation of conveyance data. Besides, before shipment information with respect to each bundle was refreshed. For Shipment reason Amazon contracted with FedEx for transportation 250000 requests at discharged date that planned 100 trips to satisfy orders. Along these lines, Amazon effectively met such immense request satisfaction on discharged date. 2. Ease Strategies: Porter (1980) contended that organizations can increase manageable upper hands through receiving separation, cost authority or center systems. While then again Loudon and Loudon, (2006) contended that organizations can pick up cost administration through online activities as it lessens requesting and stock expense. Mass customization at Amazon additionally enlarged its gainfulness through high action with low factor cost. Fixed expense per unit diminishes with the expansion in movement when contrasted with variable expense per unit (Drury, 2006). While if there should arise an occurrence of Amazon fixed expense of framework rules when contrasted with ostensible variable expense. Cost of innovation, numerous pieces of satisfaction cost and notice costs are fixed in nature. Then again Amazon is bearing ostensible variable expense. This demonstrates high action will prompt low fixed expense per unit cost that Amazon can use to agree to low costs. Thus, this mass customization will likewise prompt high efficiency that at last will streamline benefits through diminished fixed expense per unit. Additionally, Amazon likewise decreases its expenses through cross docking shipments. For example Amazon place its various things like books, toys, electronic and so on at the same time in single request to the nearest stockroom situated close to clients. To do as such, Amazon utilizes its â€Å"12 technologies† to advance arrangements and to foresee request. 3. Client Fulfillment Network (CFN) Strategy: On the other hand Amazon has additionally embraced the client satisfaction organizing (CFN) system that accentuate to expand net overall revenues through buying books legitimately from distributers instead of including merchants who include their benefits. CFN methodology was created to coordinate client relationship the board and request satisfies the executives applications. CFN framework contrasts customers’ request and their capacities to perceive that whether Amazon can satisfy their requests with sensible benefits or not. It likewise permits foreseeing dynamic interest that eventually lessens the conveying cost and transportation cost at Amazon distribution center. In addition, it additionally permits improving their income as less money is worn out up in stock and increment stock turnover that at last expands firm’sâ profits. 4. Client Centric Strategies: One can likewise clarify Amazon’s accomplishment in regard of its capacity to concentrate and utilization of client data. Amazon keeps a total record of the entirety of its clients. Amazon principle an information base that realizes that when and what a client orders. On the off chance that a client has not been putting request for quite a while, at that point Amazon sends him an email coupon containing data with respect to totally unique or related product offering to invigorate clients for reordering. For example it is conceivable that you will get an email in regards to PC types of gear items in the event that you last bought a scratch pad. 4.1 customized Options: Similarly, additionally gives comfort in choosing items over its site through customization. Website pages are altered by the enjoying of their clients. One can without much of a stretch customize his choice when he login as a client at All the Amazon items are partitioned into 34 general classifications. An individual can choose and look inside these 34 general classifications without any problem. It is reliable with their technique of giving accommodation to clients. 4.2 Customer Review: It is contended that computerized methods for data can be utilized to correspondence item quality and furthermore makes a security among purchasers and dealers particularly inside online markets (Chevalier and Mayzlin, 2006). Amazon likewise animates its clients to compose publication and survey of book they bought. This alternative of book survey conveys positive data to other potential clients and builds the like-hood of procurement. It is additionally steady with Chevalier and Mayzlin, (2006) who likewise contended that improvement in scores acquired by a book through book audit adds to buy expectations and lead to high deals income. 4.3 Quick Shipment: Providing bother free satisfaction of customers’ request is additionally seen as one of the key achievement territories of Amazon. For the greater part of the item Amazon offers same or following day satisfaction. This is the thing that makes diverse Amazon with other online retailers. In any case, Amazon does this through its incorporated request satisfaction process as exhibited in figure 1. Activity Strategy: Dell Presentation Dell is an innovative deals organization which plays out their business in the entire world as is conceivable to find in the accompanying graph. With net income of $61,133,000,000 is the second biggest PC maker organization in the word and the main in United States. Dell centers around Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) trade to fulfill their business and individual clients. Dell separates between classes of clients on the grounds that the necessities of their business clients, who purchase huge amounts of PCs, are unique in relation to the people who need to arrange a solitary unit. The current record is situated to dissect Dell just since the perspective of tasks the executives beginning with a survey of

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Free Lunch

Free Lunch One of the first things I did when I came to MIT was get myself on a bunch of email lists. I now know what is going on around campus with web publishing, communications, social media, with the arts organizations, with the LGBTQ community, and with “food at MIT”  just to name a few. This last one is one of my favorites and I get a number of emails in my inbox from The MIT Food and Agriculture Collaborative (MITFAC). What’s that, you ask? MITFAC brings together students â€" and other MIT community members â€" to coordinate and support work in the areas of food and agriculture. Members are actively engaged in advocating for and supporting the development of a more sustainable food system on our own campus. They also work to enhance MIT’s role in contributing to the broader discourse on agricultural sustainability across the global system. Just the other day through one of my MITFAC emails, I was warmly invited to a free sustainable luncheon in the Flowers Dining Room at Maseeh Hall by the Dining Manager for Baker House and MIT|Bon Appetit Management Company. The lunch was delicious. But the conversation around the table was just as good. A mix of perspectives and backgrounds was represented by those attendingas is the MIT way undergrad students, grad students, MIT staff, and research fellows who work with the farm to fork program researching labor practices throughout the entire supply chain. All of us chatted informally with Maisie Greenawalt, Bon Appetit VP of Strategy during the lunch about food industry ethics, sustainability,  growers and pickers rights, and of course good food! Here’s Maisie speaking at TEDx Fruitvale I learned a lot of great things from attending this lunch, like the fact that MIT has a couple of great courses dedicated to Sustainability in Business and I discovered some great resources for myself, too. Check out this list of  Questions for Caterers to assess their sustainability that I pulled off of the MITFAC website. 1) Can you offer a seasonal menu featuring locally grown ingredients? Do you have local suppliers you could source these ingredients from? Which ingredients can you procure locally, and how would you define ‘local’? 2) Can you cater a meal using all or mostly certified organic ingredients? Which ingredients are or are you not able to procure organically? Do you have the means to confirm their certification? 3) Will you prepare all of the items you serve? What will be frozen, and what will be purchased fresh? 4) Are you able to provide dietary information on the menu you serve? 5) Are you able to offer a healthier menu (e.g. lower in calories), either exclusively or as one option for an event? 6) What types of vegetarian and vegan menus can you offer? 7) Are the coffee, bananas, and/or chocolate you offer fair trade certified? 8) Are you able to serve on china and/or offer reusable serving ware? Can you use reusable tablecloths and napkins? 9) Are you able to serve on compostable dinnerware? How about recyclable? Do you provide any materials to assist clients to process their waste properly? 10) Do you pay your employees a living wage? 11) What will it cost to meet the issues we have discussed? 12) Can you detail these items in the catering contract? If you eat on campus in the dining plan, you can be sure that all of these questions have been considered when providing and preparing the food in your dining halls. This is just another example of how MIT students are privileged to have such opportunities, facilities and programs at their disposal. And if you want to, you can always find a free lunch somewhere. Bon Appetit!

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The Contributions of The Women of The Tragedy of Julius...

In a cast of over 30 characters, there are only two women. This is a statement describing the world renown play The Tragedy of Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare. These two female characters are Calpurnia, the wife of Julius Ceasar, and Portia, the wife of Marcus Brutus. Other than these two women, the cast is composed entirely of male characters. In a work of literature so populated by men, one may ask why Shakespeare takes the time to include any women at all. However, after further reflection, it is clear to see the reason as to why they are included. Upon including Calpurnia and Portia in The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare deepens our understanding of their husbands, highlights the social values of the time, and†¦show more content†¦Asking this of Mark Antony displays clearly that Caesar believes Calpurnia to be at fault for them not, yet having any children. This shows that the men of Rome thought highly of themselves in every way. They were full of pri de and saw no flaws within themselves. With Caesar’s actions in Calpurnia’s presence we see the gentler, slightly less arrogant side to his personality. Also in having Portia’s presence, we see the more compassionate side of Brutus, her husband. We are shown Caesar’s gentler, less arrogant behavior when Calpurnia pleaded with Caesar that he not leave home that day, a request made due to her suspicions sparked by the soothsayer’s warning to beware the Ides of March. Caesar dismisses her feeling confident that the Soothsayer’s words were unimportant. However she continues in her attempts to convince him. â€Å"Mark Antony shall say I am not well,/ And for thy humor I will stay at home† (cite). Then, although he sees staying home on this day as a sign of cowardice, Caesar chooses to stay home. Although shortly after, Caesar reverts to his original plan, the fact remains true that for at least a moment, Caesar had made the less arrogant choice. Making this choice showed Caesa r is capable of changing his arrogant way of thinking under certain circumstances.In having Portia, Brutus’s wife, we see a new characteristic in Brutus as well.After Portia’s death Brutus says to Cassius, â€Å"No man bearsShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Shakespeare s Julius Caesar 1008 Words   |  5 PagesJulius Caesar Assignment Tess Macintyre IGCSE English Literature Discuss the contribution made by the two women, Portia and Calpurnia, to the play as a whole. In William Shakespeare’s drama Julius Caesar, Shakespeare’s numerous characters include just two women; Calpurnia and Portia; the wives of Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus respectively. Though the parts are small, they each make important contributions to the play as a whole. Both women in Julius Caesar exist only in the context of their relationshipsRead MoreThe Rise Of The Roman Empire1611 Words   |  7 Pagesexpectations from. Its founders chose to steal women from neighboring villages, in order to grow its population. These aggressive and expansionary ideologies remained within the personalities of every Roman, living inside the great empire 755 years later. And yet despite its vast military presence and growing cities and towns, the Roman Empire and its capital still succumbed to a barbarian takeover. This was widely regarded as one of the greatest tragedies in ancient history, and to this day it remainsRead MoreThe Theme of Julius Caesar Essay2961 Words   |   12 PagesThe Theme of Julius Caesar How suitably is the theme of the supernatural depicted in the play ‘Julius Caesar’? William Shakespeare was one of the most influential playwrights, is known today for his plays such as Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, A Midsummer Nights Dream and many other interesting and different plays. We in the 21st century enjoy Shakespeare’s plays for a variety of reasons. His plays have different themes like love, ambition, pride, friendship, supernaturalRead MoreEssay on Opera3072 Words   |  13 Pagesbeen altered at puberty to preserve and develop their soprano and alto vocal range. In the late 1600s, opera became extravagant, with magnificent scenery and huge casts of people. Arias were written into plots, and the dramas demanded more acting. Women were trained to sing the female roles. Some composers began writing full length comic operas. Before 1750, comic operas were short, funny little scenes performed for audiences as entertainment between the acts of serious opera. English 18th-centuryRead MoreGreek Influence on the Modern Day Theater2816 Words   |  12 Pagesit evolved from religious groups in ancient Greece. There were also many great playwrights, such as Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides, who opened the doors to a world of art. Even the construction of a play and the major types of plays, such as tragedy and comedy, are still used to this day. The way the characters or actors and costume evolved from such a simple plan to a extremely difficult and complicated design. Finally the influence Greek theater has had on the modern day and how it continue sRead MoreQuestion and Correct Answer7042 Words   |  29 Pagesand Enkidu represent?Answer | | | | | Selected Answer: |   Ã‚   Nature versus civilization | Correct Answer: |   Ã‚   Nature versus civilization | | | | | ï‚ · Question 4 2 out of 2 points | | | What is the Persian Zoroasters greatest contribution to religious thought?Answer | | | | | Selected Answer: |   Ã‚   The emphasis on free will | Correct Answer: |   Ã‚   The emphasis on free will | | | | | ï‚ · Question 5 2 out of 2 points | | | Why is the Epic of Gilgamesh a first in knownRead MoreLiterature and Language10588 Words   |  43 Pagesfigurative use of language is TROPE, which refers to language used in a figurative way for a rhetorical purpose. For example, ex. 9-4 Friends, Romans and Contrymen, lend me your ears †¦ This is from Mark Antony’ s speech in Shakespeare’ s Julius Caesar. Here lend me your ears is a trope, used figuratively for rhetorical ends in order to make more impact than a literal variation such as listen to me for a moment .We do not interpret the line literally as a wish to borrow the flesh-and-blood earsRead MoreThe Studio System Essay14396 Words   |  58 Pageswas largely due to the introduction of the producer, or studio syste Cinema is a collaborative art so it is difficult to determine the influence of one particular person on a film. The only way to truly judge a single persons contribution to film is to look at their entire filmography, in that way you can begin to distinguish patterns that can be identified with individuals. With this in mind, it is fair to say that the art director has more influence on a given filmRead MoreLogical Reasoning189930 Words   |  760 Pageshemisphere. He was integral in causing the Western hemisphere to now have its long history of European culture. He brought new technology and new religion that spread throughout the hemisphere. He sent attack dogs to maul naked Indians, seized Caribbean women as sex slaves, and disemboweled other natives who resisted conquest. Many were hanged, some were burned alive. He chopped off the hands of thousands who were slow in producing the gold he wanted. Many Arawak Indians responded by committing a seriesRead MoreContemporary Issues in Management Accounting211377 Words   |  846 Pagesbuilding on a strong tradition of really useful relationships between the practical and academic spheres in accounting, I sense that the two worlds have less and less to do with one another. It is therefore ever more important to reflect on the contributions which Michael Bromwich has made. He played an important role in the diffusion of modern practices of capital investment appraisal in the United Kingdom. He has been constantly open to the insights which advances in economic theory can provide into

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Awareness of Parenting Style/Practices and the Effect on...

Adolescents are involved in the difficult task of identifying themselves and making important life decisions. (Smits, Soenens, Vansteenkiste, Luyckx, Goossens, 2010). The support from parents seems to greatly assist adolescents in their identity formation process. Two theories that have been used in research to examine adolescent identity are the psychosocial development of adolescents and Bandura’s social learning theory. Psychosocial development as theorized by Erikson has eight stages through which a healthily developing human should pass from infancy to late adulthood (Kail Cavanaugh, 2010). Adolescents fall into stage five, Identity vs. Role Confusion, in which the question of â€Å"Who am I† is trying to be answered. In trying to†¦show more content†¦Second, Baumrind assumes that normal parenting revolves around issues of control. Although parents may differ in how they try to control or socialize their children and the extent to which they do so, it is assumed that the primary role of all parents is to influence, teach, and control their children. Authoritarian parenting combines high control with little warmth. Authoritative parenting combines a fair degree of parental control with being warm and responsive to children. Permissive parenting offers warmth and caring but little parental control. Uninvolved parenting provides neither warmth nor control. Research exploring the relationship between parenting and adolescent adjustment shows consistently that all the characteristics of an authoritative parenting style are associated with positive outcomes among teenagers (Lee, Daniels, Kissinger, 2006). Subsequent research has found that adolescents who considered their parents to be authoritative had higher levels of psychological competence and lower levels of psychological and behavioral dysfunction in comparison to adolescents who perceived their parents as neglectful (Milevsky, Schlechter, Netter, Keehan, 2007). Students who believe they have authoritarian parents do well with obedience and conformity to adult standards; however, they show relatively poor self-conceptions. Adolescents withShow MoreRelatedBan Increasing Independence With Limits1648 Words   |  7 PagesAllow Increasing Independence with Limits Much research shows that adolescents do best when parents set reasonable, age-appropriate rules and expectations, and follow through with reasonable consequences for breaking rules (Simpson, 2001). Clearly stated rules and predictable consequences for breaking rules are especially important in the area of risky behavior. To the extent that it has been tested among AI youth the principle still applies. For example, Lonczak et al. (2007) found that more limitRead MoreEffective Parenting : A Relationship Between Caregivers And The One Who Is Being Cared Essay1885 Words   |  8 PagesParenting usually occurs between the different generations or different birth cohorts at the same generation which is the subsystem within the family, for example, parents and child, grandparents and child, sibling (Lerner, Noh Wilson, 1998). Sometimes, when children’s parents or grandparents are missing, uncle(s), aunt(s), or even neighbor(s) may take the responsibility of parenting. Usually it takes the form of the elder one taking care of the younger one. Parenting is a two-way relationshipRead MoreMoral Development During Adolescence Essay8689 Words   |  35 PagesDeterminants Of Moral Development In Curbing Adolescents’ Moral Decay. Surname: Zondo Initials: G. L. Student number: 43097855 Examination period: October/November 2015 1 The Determinants Of Moral Development In Curbing Adolescents’ Moral Decay. Abstract The study explored the determinants of moral development in curbing adolescents’ moral decay. These determinants included identity development, gender, parental (mother) relationship with adolescent, and ethical and moral values. A mixed-modelRead MoreThemes Of Development : Prenatal6705 Words   |  27 Pagesstudy of low birth weight babies in Aceh Province, Indonesia, and discovered that cultural practices did influence the neonatal care and medical decisions made by mothers, thus affecting neonatal health, development, and survival. The stress that the mother experiences during pregnancy can affect the health of the unborn child. While studies are still being conducted to more fully understand the effects of stress hormones on the fetus, Professor Megan Holmes (as quoted by  the British NeuroscienceRead MoreAcademic Motivation : Mediating Variable between Parenting Style and Academic Achievement3869 Words   |  16 Pagesreinforcing, caring, and showing warmth to their children and these differences are called Parenting Styles. Therefore, this study will be useful and informative for parents on how to raise their child and for the future parents to have an idea and awareness of the different approaches that most children would prefer. Literature Review Parenting Style can be defined as the integration of the two elements of parenting: Responsiveness/Warmth and Demandingness (Baumrind, 1991). Responsiveness is the extentRead MoreAdolescent Self And Socio Emotional Development2699 Words   |  11 PagesAssignment one, Adolescent Self and Socio-emotional Development. A. Identify and discuss 3-5 key socio-emotional issues illustrated in the mid-adolescent’s portrait. B. Outline the trends that occur in each of the chosen areas of socio-emotional development as a typical high school student moves from early adolescence (e.g. Year 7/8) to mid-adolescence (Year 11/12). C.Consider and discuss how a high school teacher can use evidence-based practice to accommodate the socio-emotional needs of adolescent studentsRead MoreCharacter analysis of Territory by David Leavitt2930 Words   |  12 Pagesaccept her son’s homosexual identity and his on-going struggle with internalized homophobia. The story opens with twenty-three year old Neil visiting his mother, Mrs. Campbell, at his childhood home. As they prepare for the first arrival of Neil’s lover, Wayne, the anticipation triggers anxieties both Neil, causing him to have painful flashbacks of the past. As these images reveal, Neil has lived with feelings of shame, embarrassment and guilt over his sexual identity, as well as an exposure to theRead MoreThesis, Term Paper, Essay, Research Paper21993 Words   |  88 PagesCHAPTER 1: INTRODUCTION 1.1 PROBLEM STATEMENT Adolescent pregnancy has long been a worldwide social and educational concern for the developed, developing and underdeveloped countries. Many countries continue to experience high incidence of teenage pregnancy despite the intervention strategies that have been put in place. In 1990 approximately 530,000 teenagers in the United States became pregnant, 51% of whom gave birth (Coley Chase-Lansdale, 1998). Available literature suggests that fertilityRead MoreBusiness Psychology: Different Parenting Styles6933 Words   |  28 PagesAbstract This research investigated the affect parenting styles have on a person’s performance in the workplace. Parenting styles play a major role in a child’s future performance. How parents raise their kids affects the kids for the rest of their lives. As with any aspect of psychology there is no right or wrong way about it. However, each parenting style has its pros and cons and this is why I have chosen this topic. To find out how different parenting styles affect the performance of the child in theRead More The Psychological Factors Involved in Child Abuse Essay3416 Words   |  14 Pagesmultidimensional and interactive factors that relate to its origins and effects upon a childs developing capacities and which may act as a catalyst to broader, longer-term implications for adulthood. Such maltreatment may be of a sexual, physical, emotional or neglectful nature, each form holding a proportion of shared and abuse-specific psychological considerations (Mash Wolfe, 2005). Certainly in terms of the effects / impairments of abuse, developmental factors have been identified

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A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employee Free Essays

string(75) " It is dimensionally stable and strongest sheet material to weight ratio \." A STUDY ON JOB SATISFACTION OF EMPLOYEES CONTENTS |Sl. No. |Title |Page No. We will write a custom essay sample on A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employee or any similar topic only for you Order Now | |1. Introduction |1 – 5 | | | |Statement of the Problem |1 | | | |Objectives of the Study |1 | | | |Scope and Significance of the Study |2 | | | |Research Methodology |2 | | | |Limitations of the Study |4 | | | |Chapteraisation |4 | |2. Profiles |6 – 17 | | | |Industry profile |6 | | | |Company profile |8 | | | |Product profile |13 | |3. |Theoretical Framework |18 – 28 | |4. |Analysis and Interpretation |29 – 40 | |5. |Findings and Recommendations |41 – 42 | |6. Summary |43 | | |Bibliography | | | |Appendix | | LIST OF TABLES |Table |Description |Page No. | | | | | |4. 1 |Score of Various Attributes |30 | |4. 2 |Score of Various Attributes |31 | |4. |Score of Various Attributes |32 | |4. 4 |Score of Various Attributes |33 | |4. 5 |Gender of Respondents |34 | |4. 6 |Educational Qualification |35 | |4. 7 |Experience of the Respondents |36 | |4. 8 |Age of the Respondents |37 | |4. |Marital Status of the Respondents |38 | | | | | LIST O F FIGURES |Figure |Description |Page No. | | | | | |4. 1 |Score of Various Attributes |30 | |4. 2 |Score of Various Attributes |31 | |4. 3 |Score of Various Attributes 32 | |4. 4 |Score of Various Attributes |33 | |4. 5 |Gender of Respondents |34 | |4. 6 |Educational Qualification |35 | |4. 7 |Experience of the Respondents |36 | |4. 8 |Age of the Respondents |37 | |4. |Marital Status of the Respondents |38 | | | | | Chapter I Introduction Introduction ? Statement of the problem ? Objectives of the Study ? Scope and Significance of the Study ? Research Methodology ? Limitation of the Study ? Chapterisation Chapter III THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK Chapter IV ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION Chapter V SUMMARY, FINDINGS AND RECOMMENDATIONS Chapter VI SUMMARY APPENDIX BIBLIOGRAPHY Chapter II PROFILES Industry Profile ? Company Profile ? Product Profile INTRODUCTION A study was conducted at, WESTERN INDIA PLYWOODS, VALAPATTANAM, the largest integrated wood processing complex in the country on Job Satisfaction of the employees. Job satisfaction is a set of favorable or unfavorable feelings and emotions with which employees view their work. Job satisfaction is an affective attitude — a feeling of relative like or dislike toward something. Job satisfaction typically refers to the attitudes of a single employee. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM Western India Plywoods has been incurring losses in the last few years. Health, knowledge, skill level etc. f employees are significant factors that can influence the fate of an organization. The causes of business failure may be internal and external, mostly by people related issues. This study attempts at finding the current level of job satisfaction of employees at Western India Plywoods and what it means for its turnaround. OBJECTIV ES OF THE STUDY Main Objective The main objective is to study the satisfaction level of workers with respect to various factors. Sub-Objectives ? To study the employee perception about personnel policies. ? To identify ways of improving job satisfaction, if possible. SCOPE AND SIGNIFICANCE OF THE STUDY The study is limited to the workers at the WESTERN INDIA PLYWOODS. It is conducted with the objective of finding various factors affecting the job satisfaction of workers in the company. This study in its practical and theoretical sense will help the management in assessing the satisfaction level of the workers. Job satisfaction of the employees is the major concern of every organization. Dissatisfied employees is a major threat to the company causing a decline in every functions of the company. So the study on the job satisfaction of the employees gains more importance and significance in the sense that it affects productivity and hence the existence of the company. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research Design . The study conducted at WESTERN INDIA PLYWOODS was descriptive in nature. It aims at portraying accurately the characteristics of a group or situation. Sampling Design The technique adopted for the sampling is convenient sampling . Sample Size and population The workers of Western India Plywoods constituted the population for the study. It has 900 permanent workers. The sample selected for the study is limited to 50 for convenience. Study Variables The following variables were selected for the study ? Gender of respondents ? Age of respondents ? Educational qualification ? Experience of employees ? Time spent with family ? Wage level ? Opinion about promotion policy, job security, recognition, work place relationship, etc was also included. Methods of Data Collection Data were collected from both primary and secondary sources. Primary data were collected from the workers by means of Questionnaire and the secondary data were compiled from past records, journals and the Internet. Tools of Data Collection Questionnaire was prepared to collect the relevant data. Major variables such as promotional factors, motivational factors, personal factors and environmental factors were considered while preparing questionnaire. The questionnaire was prepared after an initial discussion with a few employees, HR manager, trade union representatives etc. For the questionnaire, closed -end questions were used. Data Analysis and Interpretation The data analysis and presentation were done using mean, chi-square test, frequency tables, bar charts and pie-diagram. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY ? Chances of bias from the respondents cannot be neglected. ? Qualitative study poses a problem of proper articulation of feelings and emotions. In an organizational context superior behaviour may also affect quality of responses. CHAPTERISATION Chapter I Introduction deals with â€Å"introduction to the study†, â€Å"Statement of the Problem†, â€Å"Objectives of the Study†, â€Å"Scope and Significance of the Study†, â€Å"Research Methodology† and â€Å"Limitation of the Study†. Chapter II Profile deals with â€Å"Industry Profile†, â€Å"Company Profile†, and â€Å"product profile. Chapter III, â€Å"Theoretical Framework† of job satisfaction Chapter IV, Analysis and Interpretation deals with the analysis and interpretation of the data collected from the respondents. Chapter V Summary, Findings and Recommendations deals with findings from the analysis and the suggestions based on the findings. CONCLUSION This chapter we presented the problem, objectives, scope and significance of the study. The research methodology and limitation of the study were also mentioned . The next chapter deals with profile of the company, its products and markets. INDUSTRY PROFILE INTRODUCTION According to archeologist, man’s cultural progress can be traced in the art of wood veneering. Relics, found in Egypt and Chinese tombs dating from 2002 BC indicate that veneering combines art and science. The 14th century witnessed the revival of art and brought to veneering a new figure and beauty. Today modern machinery and mass production technique produce veneers that are used to build nearly 80% of furniture. PLYWOOD INDUSTRY The necessity of making plywood arises out of the inherent defect in wood plywood in an engineered wood panel . made from thin layer of wood veneers assembled with grain direction of adjacent veneer as right angled to each other with layers of synthetic resins, adhesive and pressed under high heat and pressure, thus imparting a great degree of strength. It is dimensionally stable and strongest sheet material to weight ratio . It is technically designed to be strong and stiff enough to safely replace more than three times thick solid timber for the same use. It appears, plywood industry has become an innocent victim of gross misconception. The unfounded impression that this industry is exerting pressure on our natural resources is factually incorrect. It is in total disagreed to its excellent role as an economic substitute of solid wood and thus prevention of natural forest and ecology. Strangely enough the government desires that the use of aluminium, steel and plastic as substitute of solid wood in buildings may be encouraged. Similarly other substitute like wood based board and medium densified fiber board are claiming their superiority over plywood in terms of its functional use and ecology conservation role. PRODUCT PROFILE The company produces traditional general-purpose commercial and decorative plywood. In addition to that the company proudly presents an exciting range of specially plywood panels and materials for specific applications. 1. WESIND FIRE RETARDANT PLYWOOD This plywood is ideal for residential and non-residential building, transportation vehicles etc. This plywood meets the British Standards Specification and has been certified by the British Standard Institute. 2. WESTIND FIRE RETARDANT PLYWOOD Experts in the aviation field have acclaimed this extra ordinary product of the Company for its unparalleled quality. This product has earned the recognition of the Directorate of Civil Aviation, Government of India, on its introduction itself. 3. WESTIND MARINE PLYWOOD Made of special category timber, this highly durable plywood ensures smooth sailing of vessels in the harsh marine environment. 4. WESTIND RESIN COATED PLYWOOD BWR plywood is coated with a special grade phenolic resin coated plywood’s impart a superior finish to the concrete surface and avoid the tedious and expensive plastering operation. 5. WESTIND FLOORING BOARDS These boards have been developed using veneer hard board laminates. The boards have been given a social water repellent treatment and the unique is that they can be cut to nay size to suit the requirement of the floor area. It can be directly laid on a raw concrete floor by applying a thin coat of suitable adhesive. 6. WESTED FURNITURE WESTERN INDIA PLYWOOD specializes in exquisite and molded plywood furniture, which will exceed your expectations regarding strength and durability. WESTIND furniture is manufactured utilizing the finest building material available in the market. It is a matter of pride to WIP that the loose furniture in the Leela Goa project was entirely supplied by the company. It is made with a judicious blend of solid timber and composite panels to optimise strength and cost. The company adopts ultra modern technology to give the products of lasting value and elegance. 7. WESTED SUPTER BLOCK BOARDS Bonded with phenolic resing to produce by a special process with extra core. This product is free from warping and surface undulation. It is a superior to conventional block board and particle board. Its more stable than conventional block boards and its nailing and screw holding properties are superb. 8. WESTING COMPREG Densified and super toughened wood panel products made from veneers impregnated with synthetic resin adhesive and pressed at elevated temperatures and pressures. ? WIPWOOD – for textile and jute mill looms. ? WIPROC – for press forming tools in sheet metal and Aeronautical industries. WIPLAC-panels for rail coach furnishing. ? WIPBEAR-for rolls bearing application ? WIP FILTER PLATES AND FRAME WORKS – for filtration in Chemical industries. ? WIPCHECK-compressed floor board for Automobile, industrial and rail coach furnishin g. ? WIPCOM-for high and low voltage insulation in air or in an oil bath. COMPREG MOULED CHAIR SEATS – for EMU rail coaches, Auditorium, Theatres and restaurants. The introduction of WIPLAC and a host of other innovative products underlie the company’s commitment to the industry and provide reason for the luminous reputation in the country’s larges integrated wood product company enjoys in domestic and international markets. In 1978, WIP set up a plant for manufacturing Di-ally phthalate molding powder, a thermo set which had to be imported with them. Significantly, the technology was developed in house with support from Shree Ram Institute of Industrial research, Delhi. In 1989, the Company put up a pre-finishing plant for direct printing wood grains and plain colours onto hard boards and plywood using radiation curved surface finishes. The pre-finishing plant is the only one of its kind in the country and one of the few in the world. All the raw materials and processes employed in the plant are 100% Eco-Friendly. The company’s products are exported to quality conscious markets around the world. MARKETS The Company has been passing through acute problems for sourcing good raw materials, the price of which increases almost on a daily basis. The main raw material for the company, i. e. , timber, is being exported and here again the company has no control over the price, which varies from shipment to shipment. The company has also no control over the levies being made by Central State Government. Also, the steep increase in cost of imported raw materials, the high power tariff and the ever increasing cost of Furnace oil and other petroleum products collectively put together rendered the company’s products uncompetitive in the market. CONSERVATION OF ENERGY The energy conservation measures taken are as follows: Installed variable frequency drives for mating conveyors in No: II Hard board line to eliminate components like brakes, clutches, V-belts and inching motors. By retaining the existing motors, considerable power saving has been achieved. Optimized cooling tower operation by retrofitting and introduction of energy savers in cooling fans Installed level monitoring, closed loop control system for white water chest, and achieved optimisation in white water usage. Introduced automatic Delta Star running system for partial loaded motors in plywood and hardwood plants. The company has also achieved 100% utilization of source raw materials due to its integrated production system. Therefore, it would be apt to call the Western India Plywood’s Ltd. â€Å"the company with a conscience. THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK INTRODUCTION In this chapter theoretical aspect of job satisfaction is recorded. Job satisfaction reflects the extent to which people find gratification or fulfillment in their work. Job satisfaction is a combination of psychological and environmental factors that make a person to admit, I am happy at my job. Extensive Research on job satisfaction shows that personal factors such as individual’s needs and aspirations determine his attitude, along with group and organizational factors such as relationship with co-workers and supervisors, working conditions, work policies, and compensation. DEFINITION We can define job satisfaction as involving cognitive, affective and evaluating reactions or attitudes and states it is a pleasurable or positive emotional state resulting from the appraisal of one’s job or job experience. Job satisfaction is a result of employee’s perception of how well their job provides those things that are viewed as important. Through the years five job dimensions have been identified to represent the most important characteristics of a job about which employees have affective responses. These are: ? The work itself: The extent to which the job provides the individual with interesting tasks, opportunities for learning and the chance to accept responsibility. Pay: The amount of financial remuneration that is received and the degree to which this is viewed as equitable that of others in the organization. ? Promotional opportunities. The chances for advancement in the organization. ? Supervision: The abilities of the supervisor to provide technical as sistance and behavioral support. ? Co-workers: the degree to which fellow workers are technically proficient and socially supportive. There are number of factors that influence job satisfaction. However the main factors are: I. PROMOTIONAL FACTORS Promotional opportunities seem to have a varying effect on job satisfaction. This is because promotions take a number of different forms and have a variety of accompanying rewards. For example, individuals who are promoted on the basis of seniority often experience job satisfaction but not as much as those who are promoted on the basis of performance. A promotion is the transfer of an employee to a job which pays more money or one that carries same preferred status. A promotion may be defined as an upward advancement of an employee in an organization to another job, which commands better pay/wages, better status/prestige, and higher opportunities/challenges, responsibility, and authority, better working environment, hours of work and facilities, and a higher rank. A promotion is a vertical move in the rank and responsibility. Involved in a promotion may be some measure of skill; and responsibility. Promotions are usually given: ? To put the worker in a position where he will be of greater value to the company and where he may derive increased personal satisfaction and income from the work; ? To recognize an individual’s performance and reward him for his work so that he may have an incentive to forge ahead. Employees will have little motivation if better jobs are reserved for outsiders. ? To increase an employee’s organizational effectiveness; ? To promote job satisfaction among the employees and give them an opportunity for unbroken, continuous service; ? To build up morale, loyalty, and a sense of belonging on the part of the employees when it is brought home to them that they would be promoted if they deserve it; ? To attract suitable and competent workers for the organization. II. MOTIVATIONAL FACTORS There is no doubt that motivation is the key to the promotion of proper good human relations. The term â€Å"motivation† was originally derived from the Latin word movere, which means â€Å"to move†. We can define motivation as an inner state that energises, activates, or moves (hence ‘motivation’), and that directs or channels behavior towards goals. Thus motivation is a general term that applies to the entire class of energy, drive, tension and similar forces. The studies can be classified under two groups, on the basis of convenience and simplifications, viz. , traditional theories, and modern theories. The traditional theories are based on mostly the â€Å"human relations approach† in management, with little attention to psychological processes that occur. This approach was based upon three simple assumptions: ? Personnel primarily are economically motivated and secondarily desire security and good working conditions. ? Provision of the above rewards to personnel will have a positive effect on the morale. There is a positive correlation between morale and productivity. III. PERSONAL FACTORS Personal factors comprises name, age, sex, marital status, experience, spending time with the family are the personal factors affecting the level of job satisfaction. Age: The relationship between age and job satisfaction could be complex generally one would expect that as the person gets older greater would be his job satisfaction level because of the experience and the case with which he would he will be able to perform his work Education: The relation between job satisfaction and education is based on how his educational qualification helps him to meet the job requirements and how he is able to utilize to earn additional promotion or a fare salary. However it is reasonable to assume that the more educated would be more frustrated. Years of experience: The relation between job satisfaction and years of experience is such that a new employee would be more satisfied with his job because of the enthusiasm of the work but these gradually decrease and increases when he reaches the stage of retirement as there is no other alternative opportunity available to him IV. ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS Interpersonal relationship with supervisor-There seems to be two dimensions of supervisory style that affect job satisfaction. One is employee centeredness, which is measured by the degree to which a supervisor takes a personal interest and cares about the employee. It commonly is manifested in ways such as checking to see how well the employee is doing. The other dimension is participation or influence, as illustrated by managers who allow their people to participate in decisions that affect their own jobs. In most cases, this approach leads to higher job satisfaction. A participative climate created by the supervisor has a more substantial effect on worker’s satisfaction Interpersonal relation with work groups will have an effect on job satisfaction. Friendly, co-operative co-workers or team members are a modest source of job satisfaction to individual employees. The work group especially a â€Å"tight† team, serves as a source of support, comfort, advice and assistance to the individual members. A â€Å"good† work group or effective team makes the job more enjoyable. However, this factor is not job satisfaction. On the other hand, if the reverse condition exists the people are difficult to get along with this factor may have a negative effect on job satisfaction. Working conditions have a modest effect on job satisfaction. If the working conditions are good (clean, attractive surroundings for instance), the personnel will find it easier to carry out their jobs. If the working conditions are poor (hot, noisy surroundings for example), personnel will find it more difficult to get things done. In other words, the effect of working conditions on job satisfaction is similar to that of the work group; there may or may not be a job satisfaction problem. Hertzberg’s motivation and hygiene factors are relevant in job satisfaction. If the workers get adequate opportunity to hear and to be heard by the top management it can be a source of job satisfaction. This observation has been subscribed by Vroom while he holds that there exists a relationship between job satisfaction and opportunity for self-express. [pic] A MODEL OF JOB SATISFACTION The model of job satisfaction is presented below: EXPECTATIONS ACTUAL ABOUT JOBSCONDITIONS DISCREPANCIES PAYPAY WORK ITSELFWORK ITSELF PROMOTIONSPROMOTIONS COWORKERSCOWORKERS WORKING CONDITIONSWORKING CONDITIONS SUPER VISORSSUPER VISORS EMPLOYEE JOB SATISFACTION Basically, job satisfaction is determined by the ‘discrepancy’ between what individuals expect to get out of their jobs and what the job actually offers. A person will be dissatisfied if there is less than the desire amount of job characteristics in the job. For instance if a person expects to be promoted in six month and then is not, the person will be dissatisfied. A person will be satisfied if there is no discrepancy between decide and actual conditions. If it is more than the employee expected of some job factor and the excess is beneficial (e. g. a large bonus, faster promotion) then the person will be very highly satisfied. Job Satisfaction And Productivity Historically the concept of human relations assumed that high job satisfaction led to high productivity but later research indicated that this was an incorrect assumption. Satisfied workers turned out be either high producers or low producers only on average producers. The satisfaction-productivity relationship appeared to quite complex being influenced by various intermediate factors such as rewards than an employee receives. The question has often risen whether job satisfaction leads to performance of performance leads to job satisfaction. Lawler and Porter have developed a model that suggests that productivity leads to satisfaction. According to them, performance leads to reward and if these are perceived to equitable employee, satisfaction is the result. The assumption, which seems most realistic, is that satisfaction and productivity are in a circular relationship in which each affects the other. From the various studies a general relationship emerges between job satisfaction and productivity as shown in figure Relationship between Job satisfaction and Productivity [pic] Here in X, Y graph where X = Productivity and Y = Job satisfaction Line A = High Job satisfaction and Less Productivity Line B = High Job satisfaction and High productivity Lind C = High productivity and less job satisfaction. Here ‘line C’ of chart shows the conditions of high productivity and low job satisfaction which can be occur when the supervisors push the production through techniques of scientific management such as methods study, time study and close supervision. C. B MAMORIA – PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT ‘Line A’ represents a condition which believes that satisfied workers are the best workers and try to keep workers happy regardless of the affects on organizational goals. In this condition, the worker may derive such job satisfaction, but work may be done. One supervisor describes this condition, as â€Å"my workers due so happy that they don’t feel like my working†. The middle ‘line B’ appears to be the most desirable agreement-where high satisfaction and high productivity are combined together CONCLUSION In this chapter the theoretical aspects of job satisfaction were discussed. Major variables such as promotional factors, motivational factors, personal factors and environmental factors were considered . The relationship between job satisfaction and productivity was also described. The next chapter gives analysis and interpretation of the survey data. ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION INTRODUCTION In this chapter the analysis of the collected data is shown. Analysis of data is made possible through Frequency Tables, Bar Charts, Pie-diagram, and Chi-Square test. Information is interpreted in percentage forms. Scoring method is also used to find the score of various attributes. Mean of various attributes are also shown. In scoring method score is given to the options for example. Score given to Strongly agree, agree, no opinion, disagree, strongly disagree is +2, +1,0, -1, -2 respectively. Mean: mean is the most common measure of central tendency and can be defined as the value of various given items in a series by the total number of items. Mean = (fx / (f TEST OF HYPOTHESIS The test of hypothesis is a process of testing significance regarding the parameter of the population on the basis of the sample. Chi-Square test is used to test the significance of the parameters of the population. Formula for Calculating X2 : [pic] Where O = Observed Frequency, E = Expected Frequency, Degree of Freedom = (C-1) (R-1) Table: 4. 1 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES |SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Standard of living |0. 6 | |2 |Promotion policy |-0. 4 | |3 |Job security |0. 64 | *Source: survey data From the table we can find that the score of standard of living is 0. 6 and the score of promotion policy is -0. 54 while job security got 0. 64. Figure 4. 1 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The above table is shown in graph. From that we can see that the graph of promotion policy came to the negative side. Majority of the employees are not satisfied with the promotion policy. They have the opinion that the present job has improved their standard of living and they think that th eir job is secure. Table 4. 2 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Appreciation |-0. 38 | |2 |Suggestion |0. 08 | |3 |Salary |-0. 3 | *Source: survey data From the table we can find that the score of appreciation from superiors is -0. 38. The score of salary is -0. 3 Figure 4. 2 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The above table is shown in graph. From that we can see that they are not getting appreciation from the superiors. The superiors are not inviting suggestions from the employees. The salary given to them is not adequate. Table 4. 3 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES |SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Better job prospect |-0. 6 | |2 |Job change |-0. 02 | |3 |Skill |-0. 32 | |4 |Time spent with family |0. 5 | *Source: survey data From the table we can find that the score of desire to change the present job is -0. 02. Utilization of skill got a score of -0. 32 while the time spent with family got 0. 5. Figure 4. 3 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The above table is shown in graph. From that we can analyse that majority think that they don’t have a better job prospect as per their qualification. They don’t want to change the present job. Majority are having the opinion that their skills are not properly utilized. They are getting enough time with their family. Table 4. 4 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES |SI NO |ATTRIBUTES |SCORE | |1 |Trade union activities |0. | |2 |Welfare measures |0 | |3 |Working condition |0. 44 | |4 |Relationship with co-workers |0. 82 | *Source: survey data From the table we can find that the activities of trade union got 0. 4 as its score, while working condition scored 0. 44. the relationship with co-workers scored 0. 82. Figure 4. 4 SCORE OF VARIOUS ATTRIBUTES [pic] The above table is shown in graph. The employees are having a nice opinion about the trade union activities and working condition. A healthy relationship exists between workers and their superiors. The welfare measures provided by the company are not adequate. Table: 4. 5 GENDER OF RESPONDENTS |SI NO |SEX |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |1 |Male |41 |82 | |2 |Female |9 |18 | *Source: survey data From the table we can analyze that 82% of the employees are male and 18% is female Figure 4. 5 GENDER OF RESPONDENTS [pic] The same date is shown with the help of pie-diagram. From that we can see that majority of the respondents are male. Table: 4. 6 EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION SI NO |EDUCATION |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |1 |SSLC |39 |78 | |2 |HSC |8 |16 | |3 |GRADUATION |3 |6 | |4 |PG |0 |0 | *Source: survey data The educational qualification of respondents is shown in the table. 78 % of the workers have education up to school level and 16% of them are having educational qualification HSC . 6% of the respondents are graduates. Figure 4. 6 EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION [pic] The above table is shown in graph. From that we can interpret that majority are having their education up to school level. Tabl e: 4. 7 EXPERIENCE OF THE RESPONDENTS |SI NO |EXPERIENCE |FREQUENCY PERCENTAGE | |1 |0 to 10 |8 |16 | |2 |10 to 20 |27 |54 | |3 |20 to 30 |10 |20 | |4 |30 to 40 |5 |10 | *Source: survey data Mean experience= 17. 4 The experience of respondents is shown in the table. 54% of them are having experience between 10 to 20 years. 16% comes under the range 0 to 10. Only 10 of them have experience above 30 years. Figure 4. 7 EXPERIENCE OF THE RESPONDENTS [pic] The above table is shown in graph. From that we can see that majority are having experience between 10 to 20 years. Table: 4. 8 AGE OF THE RESPONDENTS SI NO |AGE |FREQUENCY |PERCENTAGE | |1 |21 – 30 |12 |24 | |2 |31- 40 |32 |64 | |3 |41 to 50 |4 |8 | |4 |above 50 |2 |4 | *Source: survey data Mean age =36 From the table we can see that 64%of the respondents come under the age group 31 to 40 Figure 4. 8 AGE OF THE RESPONDENTS [pic] The same data is shown in the graph. Table: 4. 9 MARITAL STATUS OF THE RESPONDENTS SI NO |MARITAL ST ATUS |FREQUENCY | | | | | | | | | | |PERCENTAGE | |1 |Married |35 |70 | |2 |Single |15 |30 | *Source: survey data The marital status of the employees is shown in the table. We can see that 70%of the employees are married. Figure 4. 9: MARITAL STATUS OF THE RESPONDENTS [pic] The same data is shown with the help of graph. Chi- square is a non parametric test that has assumed great importance in statistical analysis and statistical inferences because it can be used without making assumptions about parameters, as it is a distribution free test. Chi-square is a measure which evaluates the extent to which a set of the observed frequency of a sample deviates from the corresponding set of the expected frequency of the sample. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXPERIENCE AND WAGES H0=There exist no significant relationship between experience and wages H1= There exist significant relationship between experience and wages | |Wages | |Experience |Agree |Disagree |Total | |0 to 20 |12 |23 |35 | |20 to 40 |7 |8 |15 | |Total |19 |31 |50 | O |E |O-E |(O-E)2 |(O-E)2/E | |12 |13. 3 |-1. 3 |1. 69 |. 1271 | |23 |21. 7 |1. 3 |1. 69 |. 0779 | |7 |5. 7 |1. 3 |1. 69 |. 2965 | |8 |9. 3 |-1. 3 |1. 69 |. 1812 | |Total |. 6827 | Calculated Value of X2=. 6827 Degree of freedom = 1 Table value at 5% level of significance =3. 841 As the calculated value is less than the table value the null hypothesis is accepted. The test of hypothesis reveals that there is no significant relationship between experience and wages. Those with more experience are not paid higher. Conclusion Analysis of collected data is shown in this chapter. Analysis of data is done by Frequency Tables, Bar Charts, Pie-diagram, and Chi-Square test. Information is interpreted in percentage forms Findings and recommendations are given in the following chapter. FINDINGS ? Majority of the employees are not satisfied with the promotion policy. The present job has improved their standard of living to some extend. ? Majority have the opinion that their job is secure. ? The employees are not getting adequate salary and the appreciation from their superiors is not satisfactory. ? Majority have the opinion that their skills are not fully utilized. ? The employees have a nice opinion about trade union activities and working condition. ? A healthy and relationship exists between workers and their superiors. The welfare measures provided by the company are not adequate. ? Majority of the respondents at WIP were male. ? Majority of the workers have education up to school level. ? Main experience of the workers at WIP is 17 years. Most of the workers fall in the age group of 31-40 mean age is 36 years. ? The test of hypothesis reveals that there is no significant relationship between experience and wages. Those with more experience are not paid higher. RECOMMENDATIONS ? It is advisable that the company should pay sufficient attention in providing monetary benefits to the employees ? The Management should take some initiative to enhance the welfare measures ? The employers should duly recognize and appreciate the efforts taken by the employees. It will give motivation to the employees ? It was found that the more experienced workers are not paid higher and thus resul ting in employee dissatisfaction. It is advisable that the company should take some initiative to implement new wage system in which experience gets more importance. ? Timely promotions would greatly help the workers as they feel recognized. ? Valuable suggestions made by the workers should given due consideration. SUMMARY The findings generated by the analysis of data resulted in the following conclusions. This study finds that personal factors like experience, time spend with the family affect the level of job satisfaction. Further analyses of data revealed that organisational factors like wages, reward, job security; role of job in increasing the standard of living affects the level of satisfaction. This study shows significant relationship between wages and standard of living Additionally this study reveals that managerial factors like ability, suggestions for improvement, relationship with superiors and co-workers contributes to the level of satisfaction. This study also indicates that working condition, role of trade union, welfare measures affects the level of satisfaction. BIBLIOGRAPHY Books Referred 1. VSP RAO, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, EXCELL BOOKS, NEW DELHI, 2000. 2. MAMORIA C. B. ; GANKAR S. V. ‘PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT TEXT AND CASES. HIMALAYA PUBLISHING HOUSE, MUMBAI 2004. 3. BISWAJET PATTNAYAK, HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT EXCELL BOOKS, NEW DELHI, 2000 4. KOTHARI C. R. RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES, WISHWA PRAKASHAN PUBLICATION, NEW DELHI, 1999. Websites www. questionpro. com www. wipltd. com. INTERVIEW SCHEDULE A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employees Conducted at Western India Plywoods, Valapattanam 1. My job is secure Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 2. I get comparatively better salary Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 3. I usually get appreciation from superior officers Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 4. They encourage me to offer suggestions for improvement of my establishment Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 5. My job improved my standard of living Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 6. I had a better job prospect as per my qualification. Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 7. I like to change my present job Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 8. I am satisfied with the relationship with my superiors and co-workers. Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 9. My skills are completely utilized Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 10. I am satisfied with the trade union activities. Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 1. Company provides number of welfare measures. Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 12. I have a convenient working condition. Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 13. Your opinion about present promotion policy Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 14. I get enough t ime to look after my family Strongly agree(Agree(Disagree( Strongly disagree(No opinion( 15. Name: 16. Sex: 17. Age:21-30(31-40(41-50(Above 50( 18. Educational qualification SSLC(HSC(Graduation(PG( 19. Experience 0-10(10-20(20-30(30-40( 20. Marital Status Married(Single( ———————– C B A 21 – 30 How to cite A Study on Job Satisfaction of Employee, Essay examples

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